Follow us promptly to learn how this is possible.
Get MTN #100 airtime, make sure its ready
beside you.
After this, migrate to MTN BetaTalk by sending
“BT” to “131”. Or dialing *123*2*6#.
After doing the above, load the #100 naira
airtime and dont panic. You will be given
250% of the airtime recharged.
MTN charge 40Kobo per seconds on MTN
BetaTalk: With the #250 Bonus given to you,
you can call for 10.1 Minute. Or use it to send
SMS @ #4 per each SMS.
Note: The bonus given to you on MTN BetaTalk can
last for 7 days.
After exhausting the #250 Bonus given to you.
Make sure you have less than #100 (eg. #99 or
lower than that) before proceeding to next
step. There is no problem if you have #100 left
but for security purpose which will be
explained below, we advise you to have less
than #100.
Migrate to MTN Xtrapro or MTN Pulse dialing.
*406*1# for MTN Pulse or *123*2*2*1# for
MTN Xtrapro.
Both MTN Xtrapro and MTN pulse charge
11Kobo per seconds i.e #6.6 per minute.
With the remaining #100 you can call for 25
Pertainning to the security reason posited earlier, it
should be noted that about 4 months ago migration
from one MTN tariff plan to another is free. I am
currently rocking this on my sim. So we advised you
to have less than #100 because nobody knows when
Empty-Hen will block the free migration. And
Migration from one tariff plan to another on MTN
cost #100, so to be on safer side we advise you to
have less than the charged amount.