Guyz XP Psiphon has been successfully launched which is totally different from other psiphon with even a new interface, a new internet settings and many other features. I think this Vpn will be very strong enough to connect on any Android phones unlike tweakware that the latest versions now has many bugs which cannot connect to all free browsing cheats anymore.


XP Psiphon was designed and developed by Shabuzaman. This Vpn features are;

Very fast and easy to use

US, INDIA, SINGAPORE and SPAIN servers added

Improved UI

It supports tethering (USB tether, WIFI tether and generic tether)

Auto import config

Secured config

Splash theme


Minor bugs fixed


This Vpn can be tethered and you can also import config files settings to this Vpn and it will work. Yeah this is the right VPN a Jkin suppose to download on his or her phone so kindly download XP Psiphon by clicking below ››››

Download here ››› Download XP-Psiphon 6.0.0(Shabuzaman).apk

Did you encounter any problem while trying to set this new Vpn up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


Stay tuned t