I want to show you how to join a Mining group which i started this morning with 0.01btc and have been getting my hourly interest till now. They have been paying investors 0.9% profit every hour 24/7, that is 21.6% per day. Minimum amount you can invest is 0.01btc.


1. They are only paying investors because they are able to mine Bitcoin. It is therefore notable that if they can’t mine, payment will stop and investors will incur the loss. So this is my advice: Only invest money you can afford to lose.
2. After your first 200hours(8 and half days) of payment in which you should have gotten 80% profit on your investment. Remove your profit and reinvest the capital. This way you are safe if they stop mining/paying.
Do not increase your invested capital because the mining will definitely stop someday!
3. The good news is that they just started mining/paying on the 8/11/2016. Meaning it is still very new, fresh and probably safe at the moment.
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