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How To Access Websites Without Internet Connection On Android

Several times we need to access some very important web pages, but we can’t access it due to some internet service problem. Therefore, we are going to share a useful trick on accessing web pages offline on your Android smartphone. Go through the post to know about it.

We all know that while browsing through multiple sites you need a fast internet and most of us having slow internet connectivity that takes lots of time to load web pages properly. So, what if I tell you that you can download the complete website and browse them later even if you don’t have an internet connection?

Actually, this is possible with an android app. We all love to browse the internet with our Android device. So, you can download all the web pages you need to read throughout the day and can browse the content even if you don’t have the internet connection. Therefore, let’s know how to download web pages for offline viewing in Android.

Step 1. First, of all you need to download and install the app “Offline browser” on your Android device.

Step 2. After installing the app, you need to open the app and you will see the screen like below simply click on the “+” icon to add the link.

Step 3. Now on the very next page, you need to enter the link that you want to download and the Title (The name you want to save). Now, hit the download button.
Step 4. Now wait for some time until the browser finishes the link for offline viewing.

Step 5. After the download, you will get to see the screen like below. You can now open it without the internet connection.
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