Got a text message from Airtel saying that the 25N for 500Mb night plan and the 500N for 1Gb plan will all end on the 30th of November 2016.

So this is to notify you guys who haven't heard, that starting from 30th of this month there will no longer be 500Mb for 25N and 500N for 1Gb plan as it will scraped! Due to Ncc regulations

Regarding that {Ncc regulations} Read Here››››››››
Shocking!!! - Prices Of All Data Plans Will Be Increased Starting From Dec 1st 2016 ›› N - C - C

Here's a screenshot of the message by Airtel.......


Don't just know how these guys want people to download, at least this plans really helped a lot of Peep's now this at first it was increment of the night plan, then made it impossible to renew, and this.......... Hmmm

Well don't just know what to say...................
Guessing more will come after thi