To make money online is not just a simple work but sometimes hard.

There are lots of ways to make money online but the frustrating part is we try to make use of all methods.

Let me analyse it like this
Am a tailor,teacher,mechanical engineer also a business man.
From Monday to Friday i will sew 3 cloths every week ,7 0‘clock i must go to school,4 0'clock i will resume to shop and Saturday to Sunday i will resume to workshop. Will i succeed doing the four jobs?No,because every work that is given to me will not be done well with that customers will decrease in numbers and by the end of the year i will found myself gain nothing.This also partakes in online business.

Dealing with PTC sites,Affiliate marketing,freelancing and blogging business will not be YES for your success. So,focus on one business and later you will find yourself full of money.