Hello jkins... This is really amazing ..i got this trick from a trusted person.. Like a trusted jkin.. @Wclvip
He is a good person and deserve a recognition.. This will never exist if he ain't been there.. He actually posted it on jackobian but nobody believed him. Until I tried it my sef.. Check here for what it posted New Free Browsing Cheat: How To Download Endlessly On Airtel For A Week
Thanks to him tho..
Cool right? ..

But incase u don't understand right there

Below is the configuration.. It works on all vpn handlers..
ZID! !!
Download psiphon handler and follow my screenshots
Make sure u have 100 naira and
dial *885*3# first den dial *885# u will get this

Then configure ur psiphon following my screenshots

After you have done that Now connect it asap

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