Benue State University #BSU introduced mandatory Campus ID Policy For Students and Staffs.
Visit University Library For Free ID
Visual Identification Tag

A Student who Forgets to bring his/her ID to school must immediately Secure a Temporary ID from the University security unit before they engage in any school activity. 

The University new policy has Mandate Staffs and Students to wear their ID Card in a visible manner at all times while on BSU Campus. 
This is now a mandatory requirement that ID Cards and Tags are issued to Staffs and Students Free upon Engagement/Admission and are available from the ID Units located 
inside Benue State University library building 

 In contravention of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Benue State University disciplinary ethics.
Staffs and students who lose their ID Cards should report this to the ID Unit as soon as practicable and arrange for a replacement card.

The University considers the Staff/Student Identification (ID) Card as an important component in the campus security system and is therefore non-assignable henceforth.
It is every student’s obligation to help keep the campus safe for everyone by displaying his/her School ID visibly and clearly on his/her person at all times while on BSU Campus.

The following habits are regarded as violations in the use of the ID:

1. Wearing the ID underneath one’s clothing (shirt, jacket, etc.)
2. Carrying the ID inside a personal article, for example, a bag, notebook, or wallet
3. Wearing an id that has not been validated for the current semester

B. The following practices are considered major offenses in the use of the ID (warranting a major disciplinary action)

1. Tampering with the ID card
2. Using another person’s ID or allowing another person to use one’s id
C. It shall be the responsibility of the student to report immediately to the Office of Student Affairs division or Unit at the university library, the loss of one’s ID to avoid inconvenience.

A student who forgets to bring his/her ID to school must immediately secure a Temporary ID from the University security unit before they engage in any school activity. 

Failure to secure a temporary ID will put the student at risk of incurring an irrevocable ID–wearing violation when apprehended by campus security personnel.

Students who lose their Id should proceed to the University security unit to check if their ids have been recovered and reported at the Office.
 If the id is not found after three (3) days, a student must apply for a replacement of ID.

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