Is police your friend?? this is my story, read and answer the question if truly police is your friend
 the civil force of a state, responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order

police force is a constituted body of persons empowered by the state to enforce the law, protect property, and limit civil disorder.

if truly this is the definition of police, then why should we be worried over everything ?? 
This morning i was going to school  with my motorcycle ,on my way going i melt some police men standing, immediately one of them stopped me, then i said to my self, what have i done?  he looked at my motorcycle plate Number, unfortunate for him i have my plate number, all he could do is to try and find a fault from me.
 He then said i should open my bag, i was with my laptop and my book, he took my laptop and asked for the receipt, little fear came into my mind because i was not with my receipt at that moment, you must be asking  the reason for my fear when i have my receipt at home this was my reason for my fear

What if this police men run with my laptop, because i know they are capable of such things

I took my motorcycle and went back home and search through my documents, with much tension i brought another receipt without reading through the receipt

  i went back home and took all my document because i was tens up, after given him the receipt, he read through the receipt i thought all is over , He then asked ''what is my name'''?, '' what is the serial number of the laptop''? i answered him correctly,  after all he said am a fool
He gave me my laptop and went without without any comment.

1. what i mine trying to say here after checking the receipt is it not enough for him to give me my laptop?
2.what have i done wrong for a police to call me a fool??
3.Must he ask me my name and the serial number of my laptop?

Please try Judge this out, IS POLICE YOUR FRIEND???