Just like you know the MTN of old to be very stingy, they don’t give any bonus or even any data to compensate you for patronizing them not even extra data for subscribing to their data services. In this on this regard that we bring this helpful information right to you on how to get more of spending on the MTN network o usage. Recently MTN introduced a package called MTN better talk and this is where the whole of this gist in narrowed down too. Right now on the MTN better talk, you get three times your recharge which invariably means if I recharge a hug amount of money I can enjoy all the benefits MTN have been depriving me all those years.

fore now, you might also know this but this information might still be of help to you. MTN now gives device bonus to all customers who subscribe to their Data bundle service through the MTN better talk package. Just like the name stated above, the device bonus is exactly equal to the same amount of data subscribed to. That is to say that I recharge my phone and subscribe to 100MB, then the device bonus that will be given to me will 100MB making the total data in my SIM or phone to be 200MB. It should be noted that the device bonus that will be given to you upon successful subscription to data bundle will be exhausted before the normal data can start counting down. Right now am rocking my double Megabytes and surfing the internet with my system through hotspot. One of the good thing about this offer is that it doesn’t finish your data so quickly as before and you can now use the little data you have to do whatever you want to do on the internet.
To activate this offer you have to first migrate to MTN Beta talk. The MTN beta talk can be accessed by dialing the following line of code in your phone


After dialing the above line of code in your phone to make sure you are on MTN better talk before proceeding, the next step is to subscribe to any data bundle of your choice.
To subscribe to your data bundle, you can simply dial *123*3*1#

After you have chosen any favorite bundle you wish to subscribe to you check you data balance by also dialing the following line of code in your phone where you can be able to see the whole of your data bundle and also your device bonus.


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