I couldn't bear this one. The first time I heard it over the radio, it wasn't very clear but now it is. Our dear president, Muhammad Buhari is currently beefing with his wife. You may Argue this but here's a question for you. 
When husband and wife take their differences across the protective walls of their homes and on to the media, there is only one way to describe it, family issues. 

So what's the beef about?

What Aisha Buhari said 
The wife of the President, Aisha Buhari declared that he will offer no support to the president if he decides to run for the next presidential election. 

What Muhammad Buhari said 
He simply replied that his wife belongs to his Kitchen, sitting room and... I don forget. 

The point is that, Buhari has made it clear that he doesn't need his wife's assistance as a president. 
Also, Buhari is showing some real traits of a real Muslim man in which Women have little or no business outside of home affairs and of course the kitchen. 

But what baffles me most is the fact that they are behaving like those that are suffering from ignorance. It's not enough that Buhari has been accused of not having a certificate. He wants to make it clear that he cares so little about what the world has to say. 

He should however note that he's not just representing his family or village,he's representing Nigeria as a country so for the sake of our honor which has long been tampered with, he should save us the rest of what we have and stop dragging Nigeria with his family to the mud. 

Buhari too dey do abeg.

lol, cant believe these