Xup everyone am here again

A new Modded Stark VPN app called - X-liner running on code triple {XxX} built in is here to solve your internet problems

The Stark VPN contains a lot of ads and this tends to slow down the connection when it's running, and as a result some of you guys are not able to enjoy true browsing experience well I say a big bye to that.


Because the new modded version is out which has permanently, I mean permanently disabled ads that covers the entire screen of your Device, with this no need of using Lucky patcher or even ads free as the new version is running without those, isn't that great 

So with no much talk straight to the point.......

I present to you guys - X-liner VPN

Download Here >> Download X-liner VPN.apk


No much settings needed

Just open the app, select your preferred Tweak - Etisalat or Glo


Then tap on the icon and Walla it's connected in seconds...........

With No Ads running!!!!


  • No Ads

  • Loads faster

Note >> those using Glo as your Tweak, GOTO Your APN and select the fastest network where you reside


  • Eg internet.ng.Airtel.com (Airtel)

  • Etisalat (Etisalat)

  • Web.GPRS.mtnnigeria.net (Mtn)

Just replace the default APN with those above

For Etisalat user's just live It the way it is > default

The link again is >> Download X-liner VPN.apk

It's your boy @ admin providing you guys with the latest updates