Xup guys it is your boy @snows with abother stabke and flawlessly rocking glo free browsing with new settings to have least minimum of 500kb/sec-700kb/sec if you follow this guidelines carefully.

Well, no more talk then let's proceed to what you really came here looking for lol..

Well this free setting is actually based on APN configuration and we will be joking round the apn as well as a little modification to your anonytun vpn setting

Yiur Glo sim.
A strong 3g network or 4g if available
Downaod the latest anonytun vpn on playstore or neglect if you already have the updated one on your phone.

CONFIGURATION For Glo New Settings Using AnonyTun
LIKE i said earlier we will be using apn to make it works perfectly with anonytun vpn and with an extremely fast Internet speed. So use any of the below listed apn:

So make sure you change your aon to any of the above listed apn and test it patiently.
Now follow thus screenshot in configuring your anonytun can vpn



As you can clearly see my screennshot blazing it with 436kb/sec while the other reading 708kb/sec.

So folloe this step carefully for it work perfectly for you. Feel free to drop youe comment as it will be attended if yours is not working.