Hey Friends, Here comes your boy snows.
How difficult is it to share your Glo data with friends and Families? follow these few steps to get it done , Sharing of Data with this method requires Internet connection.


  1. Sharing of data, you must know to your self that you have enough Data to share with families  or friends

  2. logon to https//hsi.glo.com  , once you are connected to the Internet a portal will show up , Here you can see the volume of your data used and the day or days since when you subscribed. Image shown below
  3. Click on the share button at the left corner below the Volume of your data, here a placement will be made for you to place the Glo number you want to share your data with. Note: You can only share your Glo data with Glo numbers. 
  4. After placing the Number, Click on the plus sign(+), a placement will be require for you to place the amount of Data you want to share. Once that is done you will get a successful  message.

Hope you got it right? if you are confused you can comment below , am always here to help you out
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