Am sure most of us
might have had the painful experience of
mistakenly scratching off some digits of the
recharge pin while trying to peel off the silver coating on recharge card or even maybe the paper got wet and you couldnt see most of the figures again.

Normally, when this happens, you have to
dial 180 i.e the customer care number and prove to them that you are actually the owner of
the recharge card by
providing the serial number. But now
MTN has just made the whole process easier.
Instead of wasting time calling the customer care
and going through long procedure, you can now retrieve your over scratched recharge card in
no time with the MyMtn Mobile app.
How does it work?
>> First, you have to
download the MyMtn
Mobile app. 
>> Launch the app and log in.
>> Select the 'load over scratched recharge card'
>> Input the necessary details and recover your card.
That's all loyalites. Easier isnt it?