This is not a cheat, it's officially from MTN and they're giving out free 5GB data reward to MTN 4G users!.

Mtn 4G LTE (Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution) is currently available in Lagos, Ibadan etc and it amazingly increases internet upload & download speed, thereby making life richer for everyone.

How To Get Your 5GB on MTN
To key into the free 5GB data which MTN is using to reward its 4G users is easy:
1. Get a 4G LTE smartphone.
2. Insert your MTN SIM into the device.
3. Then send 4G to 131, you'll get a reply thus:

4. If you got that message, it means your phone is 4G ready, just run to any MTN store/outlet to do a 4G sim-swap.
5. Finally, dial *131*4# to check your free 5GB data!
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