Everybody spend hours watching videos on YouTube, some wish to download but don’t really know how to go about it; and it can be so frustrating streaming directly online if the network is so slow… The truth is, in one way or the other when streaming YouTube videos you’ll encounter an enemy call “buffering”.
Today I’m going to show you the simplest method of downloading YouTube videos with the word “MAGIC” on any device. Magic is a word, but when applied it becomes magical.

How to Download YouTube Videos With The Word Magic?
You don’t need any app to do this at all, just locate your favorite mind blowing videos and apply the word magic as seen below
==>E.g Lets say you want to download this moviehttps://www.youtube.com/wach?v=csrnekw7Avk
To download, apply magic in-between like this https://www.youmagictube.com/watch?v=csrnekw7Avk
… and your download will begin.

It works on all device that has been empowered to surf the internet.



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