Concerning the asuu meeting that was believed to be held yesterday, according to prof. F.G Ogbe,it was a meeting held to negotiate with the Asuu national body to call off the strike. Members of the Asuu, state government and other members of the non-academic union were present to beg on behalf of the students.
ASUU TO CALL OFF KSU ONGOING STRIKE FOLLOWING RECENT PLEAD FROM THE NATIONAL BODY Tmp-cam-1042045612-1 negotiations still continue on Monday July 3rd to beg the national body. This is mainly to reduce the confusion of the students resuming, because reg will not start properly until asuu call off their strike. The state government also easened the issue by telling the body to give them a maximum of two weeks. Finally the above named prof said the asuu strike is not gonna exceed next week with the rate of the negotiation,so let’s remain calm and hopeful as we await goodnews.